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Farscape follows the adventures of John Crichton in another part of the universe. John is an astronaut with the International Aeronautical Space Administration (IASA) who theorizes about advanced speed travel and when he gets the opportunity to prove it, he ends up falling into a wormhole. His space ship is named 'Farscape One', hence the name of the series. On the other side of the wormhole, he discovers a new universe that is populated by a host of aliens.

Through the Wormhole

When John arrives in this new part of the Universe, he witnesses a battle between a group of escaping prisoners and the Peacekeepers. The prisoners onboard Moya, a leviathan bring John onboard their craft in the hope that the Farscape One is able to assist in their escape. After an initial greeting and implanting of a "Universal Language Translator", he is thrown into a prison; there he meets Aeryn Sun, an apparently human female who turns out to be a Peacekeeper. Peacekeepers consist of a race of aliens known as Sebaceans who have the same human attributes to humans except that they are less adaptable to cold weather like us When the two humans meet, they don't exactly hit it off, as she attacks him straightaway, thinking John to be a deserter. After a while, she calms down and just after dinner, they escape together from their captives. They rendezvous with the Peacekeepers who had been attacking the ship. Bialar Crais, the commander of the Peacekeepers holds John responsible for the death of his brother and wants him dead. Bialar turns against Aeryn who he accuses of being turned traitor and must be put in quarantine after coming into contact with a new alien race, an Earthling. As Bialar has turned against her, she escapes with John and the escape prisoners and becomes a member of the crew of Moya. The series follows the crew as they survive and avoid the Peacekeepers. In later series, Bialar is replaced by Scorpius, a half-sebacean, half-Scarran hybrid. Bialar accepts that John didn't kill his brother and forgives him to become a member of the crew.

The original crew conists of Pau Zotoh Zhaan, a Delvian Priestess, Captain Ka Dargo, a Luxan warrior who has been framed for murder and Dominar Rygel XVI, a Hynerian who was once a leader of sixteen billion subjects but has been deposed by a relative. They all want to return to normality or as close to it as possible. Throughout the four series, new characters join and some leave such as in the case of Pau Zotoh Zhaan.

Henson Studios

The series is the creation of Henson Studios who are more famous for the Muppet show and The Dark Crystal. Throughout the series, John makes references to numerous other television shows and characters such as referring to Rygel as Yoda from Star Wars. Incidentally, Henson were involved in the designing and making of Yoda for the second and third films in the original series (Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi) but not in the prequels as Yoda was the creation of computer graphics.

Whilst at the start of the series, the main enemy are the Peacekeepers, by the end of the series run, the Scarrans turn to become the prime antagonists. Both the Scarrans and Scorpius want to access the memory in John's brain to find out how to make a wormhole weapon to destroy the other race, In the Peacekeeper Wars mini-series, John is given the knowledge to make a wormhole weapon and force both sides ijn the wars to an amnesty. It is not only wormholes that the series touches on but also the multiverse in the Unrealized Reality episode.

The fourth series ended with John Crichton and Aeryn Sun on a boat in the middle of an ocean with John about to propose to Aeryn when they are blown to pieces by an space craft. The pieces are put back together again in Peacekeeper Wars but without the baby that Aeryn was pregnant with. The baby grows inside Rygel and then implanted back into Aeryn for the baby's birth.

After the series finished, the actors who played John Crichton (Ben Browder) and Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) take up main cast members in Stargate SG1.

The episodes follow on one after the other unlike Star Trek's standalone series'. Farscape ended after four series with John proposing to Aeryn in the middle of an ocean before being blown to pieces. A two-part mini-series (Peacekeeper Wars) was produced which had the two humans being put back together albeit without Aeryn being pregnant. The mini-series attempted to tie up all the pieces left over and bring the franchise to an end. The Scarran character Minister Akhna is played by Francesca Buller, Ben Browder's real life wife and whose children appeared briefly in the multi-part episode 'Look at the Princess'

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ummm pilot is not leviathan Moya is she is a living ship very little is known of pilots race they would more than likely be considered pilots as a race type...
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