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Independence Day

Just when the science fiction genre was drying up, Independence Day came along and blew everything away. The theme is the same as in H.G. Wells `War of the Worlds`. aliens from another world, not Mars this time attack Earth and they seem unbeatable. Their ships have impenetrable shields thus rending Earths defences useless. The ships move from city to city, laying waste using a death ray. When the ray hits the ground, it causes an explosion which spreads out, helped by the alien ships shields preventing the explosions going up. The aliens like the Martians before have one objective, destroy all humanity. The President on arriving at area 51 tries to communicate with an alien to offer a deal, the alien rejects, they want to destroy everything on the planet.

It`s set on three days culminating on July 4th, U.S. Independence Day. You see the story from four groups of people whose stories all merge at the end. The groups are the President (Bill Pullman), the meteorologist scientist who discovers that the aliens are counting down to something (Jeff Goldblum), the man who believes he was taken captive by aliens (Randy Quaid) and the gung-ho air force pilot who keeps failing to get accepted by NASA as an astronaut (Will Smith). It was quite predictable from the outset that there would be an alien captive.

Area 51 and U.S. Air Force

When the producers approached the U.S. Air Force ( U.S.A.F. ) for help, they were all too willing to help on the condition that references to Area 51 were removed. The producers refused and the U.S.A.F. withdrew their help. Area 51 is a secret military research station in the Nevada desert that is believed by many to hold evidence of alien life. A further nod to `War of the Worlds` is that the aliens are defeated by a virus, however the difference was that the I.D. virus was electronic. The I.D. virus disables the ships shields allowing the air forces to fire missiles at and destroy the massive ships. One criticism of the film is that the Jeff`s character is able to come up with a virus in a matter of hours, whereas the scientists that had been studying it for years had no clue about its technology. The special effects used in the film ( excuse the pun ) out of this world. All the planes and alien spaceships that you see battling it out are all computer generated. When it came out, it became one of the highest grossing films of all time, just being beaten by Jurassic Park.

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Will richardson
Mr. Casse was the comedy of the movie. With out him, there would be no funny whatsoever. Paybacks, a bitch, ain't it.
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