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Justice League is the D.C. Comics group of comic super heroes. It is also known as 'The Justice League of America', The lead characters being Bruce Wayne aka Batman and Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman. They band together whenever the need is required. Enemies from member character storyline can be an enemy for the Justice League. The first live action of Justice League came about after being spurred on by the fact that Marvel comics had stolen a march on them with their Avengers films.

Line-up of Justice League Lead Characters from the film of the same name

Other Justice League members include Flash, Aquaman and Hal Jordan who is better known as the Green Lantern, a human who joins the Intergalactic Peace Corps. The first film will also see Aquaman appear and only publicity photo has so far been shown of the character and not in a scenes from the film.

The characters have not always bonded well together, their first film together sees Superman and Batman square off. Batman sees Superman as a threat especially after what happened at the end of Man of Steel where Superman in a fight with General Zod caused untold building damage. However the two do join forces to face Doomsday who in the comics killed Superman.

You would think that Superman would win hands down in a fight between the two men but to keep the tension going, its not going to be that easy. In a spoiler picture released on the Internet, Batman looks like he has hurt Superman.

There are two versions of the first film, the first has a running time of 2:31 whereas the directors cut which will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray will have an extra 30 minutes.


Darkseid is the ultimate enemy of the Justice League, he is equivalent to Thanos in the Marvel Avengers. The Justice League in the films have not encountered him yet and will probably not do so for a couple of films yet until the characters have all bedded down. Darkseid was created by Jack Kirby who is more well known for Marvel characters when he "crossed the road" Wiki


Steppenwolf is subordinate to Darkseid and runs Darkseids military army. In the Justice League film, it is only Steppenwolf that we see. Steppenwolf's objective is to steal three mother boxes which when used together will be able to terraform Earth so that it looks like Steppenwolf's home planet Apokolips, a name play on apocalypse.

Steppenwolf had tried and failed thousands of years ago but this time, he faces the might of the Justice League and not the combined forces of Man, Atlanteans and Amazons. Steppenwolf succeeds in getting the objects but fails to merge them. Steppenwolf was going to make an appearance in the Batman vs. Superman but the scene was cut and added only in the ultimate edition.


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