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Killjoys is a new (as in 2014) Canadian series that follows three bounty hunters as they travel through space picking up their bounty. When you think of bounty hunters, you probably will think of Duane 'Dog' Chapman, the star of the television series or Boba Fett, the bounty hunter in the Star Wars entertainment franchise. Its probably safe to say the series is closer to Chapman than Boba Fett.

The Killjoys are three people who work together as a team. The lead character is Dutch, a female suprisingly compared to other science fiction series where the lead has tended to be male. The creator is also female, again different from many other series creators. The producers of this series have been behind Orphan Black. The other members of the team are John Jaqobis and his brother D'Avin. It might be a bit too confusing for some if John's real-life identical twin brother appeared in the series as the brother.

The series is more akin to Firefly than to Star Wars or Star Trek is that there are no aliens in the series as yet. The adventures take place across a stretch of the galaxy where humanity has colonized planets. The locations are a mix of towns and deserts. The action predominately takes places around the planet Qresh and the moons of Westerley, Arkyn and Leith. Qresh is the largest and has the nicest environment of the four planets. Although it talks about there being four planets, they also mention Telen, another planet but they don't explain where it is. Telen is the home planet of the Jaqobi brothers.

The Killjoys work for the Reclaimation Apprehension Coalition or RAC for short. They are unaligned to anyone in the galaxy and will get their targets come what may. Dutch is the most senior of the three killjoys and has been doing the job for more years than anyone including her partner John. D'avin is recruited into the group in the first episode after he becomes a kill target for the group. In addition to them capturing their targets, they can be ordered to assassinate a target, however only Dutch is authorised to kill.

Dutch's craft's computer is called Lucy.

Copyright: Syfy

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