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Space 1999 / Portal

Space 1999

Space can be a lonely place and none more so when you millions of miles away from Earth with no way back. On the 13th September 1999, an explosion on the moon caused by the build-up of nuclear waste causes the moon to leave Earth`s orbit. Those on Moonbase Alpha at the time of the explosion now have to face new challenges. The Moon enters a wormhole and exits millions of miles away from the Earth. The Moon acts as a space craft as it traverses through space encountering aliens. If you think being on the moon is unlucky, spare a thought for those on Earth with nothing to control the tides and ultimately the weather. The series was devised when man had just reached the moon and it had been expected that we would have a base there soon. The moon trips were cancelled which to many people, the trips had been all about beating the Russians. Russian had beaten America to first satellite, first animal, man and woman into space; this was one race that America won.

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