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Space Precinct

This takes NYPD Blue to another level, as Lt. Patrick Brogan and his partner Officer Jack Haldane are transferred to the City of Demeter on the planet of Altor. He moves with his wife and 2 children and they have to adjust to a new life. Patrick has to deal not only with human criminals who exist in the city but also aliens. There were no aliens which had human features with forehead ridges. The aliens looked very different from humans.

It was originally planned as collaboration between Anderson and the BBC but they withdrew citing the reason as being too expensive. At $1.5 million or roughly 900,000GBP an episode, you can understand why it was dropped by the BBC. Anderson turned to the American who provided the money for the series however it was seen as being produced for children with adult themes (murder, drugs, and exploitation). When it was shown in America, it was shown late at night rather than an early evening slot it had been when the BBC showed it. In the UK, it was eventually shown on BBC after it had been shown on SKY. One episode The Snake, the assassin is pure C.G.I which makes this episode stand out from the rest.

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Patricia McCauley
Is Space Precient showing anywhere in the world? It was a pretty good show, I just think it was not given enough time to prove itself.
jonni Douglass
It is hard to believe that more Jerry Anderson shows are not on TV. We have many chhannels that specialize in sci fi and imaginative programming: Sci Fi, Wam, G 2 4, Action, and many more.
Mike Taylor
Shame it Flopped
Sebastian Bird
It's a real shame that the DVD's are practically extinct and they only came out 6 years ago! I'm a real fan of the series, so much that I'm going to make my own series 2. I've planned my 24 episodes!
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