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Stargate SG1

Stargate SG1 follows a group of crack military people as they travel through the universe using a portal called a Stargate. It was originally a film then turned into a television series to expand the stories further. When an object of unknown purpose is dug by scientists next to the Great Pyramid, 1928 Egypt, its possession eventually ends up with the U.S. Army in present day America. Military scientists have been unable to decipher the scriptures on the object so they turn to a civilian Egyptologist, Dr. Daniel Jackson. He accepts their request for help and is taken to USAF base Creek Mountain, Colorado to start work. He establishes the scriptures as saying "A million years into the sky is Ra. Sealed and buried for all time, his Stargate.". At which point the military take control under the command of Colonel Jack O`Neill.

When they start experimenting with the object, a portal is opened to another world. Before a team of humans is sent through, a robot is sent through to ensure that the other world is hospitable which it turns out that there is. A team led by Colonel Jack O`Neill venture through the portal to a desert world. Also with the team is a nuclear bomb which Jack will detonate if he feels that what`s on the other side of the portal would cause problems for Earth. When they come across a small inhabitation, the inhabitants are able to speak in a language that Jackson understands and discovers the planet is controlled by the Sun god Ra. As Ra believed that because his overthrow on Earth was caused by Egyptians becoming intelligent, he has banned the written word. All learning is through spoken word. The rest of the film is spent trying to overthrow Ra from the planet. After the battle, Jackson decides to stay as he has found a woman who he has fallen in love with but the rest return to Earth.

Stargate SG1 Television Series

The television series follows on from the film, the Stargate project has been closed down but when the Stargate opens and kidnaps a female soldier, the project is restarted. Jack is brought back into the military to lead a rescue team. One of the first actions he does is to find and re-recruit Jackson, whose character wife is kidnapped by Apophis looking for a new host for his soon to die wife`s old host. The opening episode of the television series has an unnecessary scene of a fully naked woman which has resulted in an Adult certification for that particular episode. The rest of the episodes are PG, 12 or in the extreme case a 15. Along the way, they recruit Teal`c, a Jaffa slave of the Goa`uld, Ra`s race. They manage to rescue the female soldier but are unsuccessful in recuing Jackson`s wife who has now become the new host. The series then follows the SG-1 team as they become known as they visit far off worlds using the Stargate. The SG-1 team is answerable to George S. Hammond in the first place but in later series, Major General Hank Landry takes over control of the Stargate operations. Landry was not afraid to go through the Stargate in order to make his case with other civilisations.

Change of Leadership

After the eighth series, Jack O`Neill is promoted and has to leave SG-1. Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell is now the new commander of SG1 has to rebuild the team. His first task is to persuade Teal`c and Daniel Jackson to join him. Teal`c has returned to the Jaffa where he is an elder amongst his people. Jackson has returned to his studies and Sam Carter is unavailable. Mitchell turns to Vala, an intergalactic rogue for support. The actors who play Mitchell and Vala both had lead roles in the series Farscape ( John Crichton and Aeryn Sun ). The new cast led the series for another two years before it came to an end. It is the second longest running sci-fi series in the world having had ten series. The longest running is Doctor Who. Stargate SG-1 as it would later became spawned three series, Stargate Infinity ( a cartoon series that didn`t last long ), Stargate Atlantis ( SG-1 finds the lost city of Atlantis and another team goes off to explore ) and Stargate universe ( SG team get stuck on-board an Ancients/Alteran spaceship flying at light speed out of our milky way )

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