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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

The first spin off of the star Trek franchise came with Deep Space 9, a space station in the Alpha Quadrant. Classed as a Star Trek spin-off because the adventures aren't set around the Enterprise but in and around a space station. The space station was commanded by Captain Benjamin Sisko who came with his son Jake. The series introduced us more to Cardassians, reptilian like humanoids and Bajoran, one of the alien races with ridges on their noses to differentiate between them and Earth humans. Starfleet had taken over the space station which had been built by the Cardassians during their occupation of the Bajorans. Also on the space station were a group of Ferengi who operated the main bar on the station.

Whilst most of the adventures are based on the station, the Deep Space 9 is given the USS Defiant - NX-74205 to visit planets and travel through the Gamma Quadrant wormhole which is located not far from Bajor. The wormhole introduced the Dominion although they had been mentioned before, this was the first time we got to see them. The Dominion became the main enemy in Deep Space 9. The Dominion are a group of alien races led by the Founders or Changelings with a military Jem Hadar force to do their dirty work.

Chief Miles o'Brien who had a bit part in the Next Generation had a much greater role in Deep Space 9. Also Lieutenant Worf, the Next Generation Klingon joined the crew of the Deep Space 9 in season 4 when Sisko needed help to determine why the Klingons had despatched a large force near the station. Worf returned to the Enterprise for the films.

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I liked this show too! I like Dax and Jake Sisko, as characters and dr. Bashir too. Nana Visitor did a great job with Kira Nerys. It's nice to see Worf promoted to ambassador! Pitty they started the war with the Klingons again! For some Cardassians! Interesting part Quark though. Bigot, but not that mean somehow.
Zafyr Goa-Lum
Good job on leaving out Bajor.
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