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Star Trek - Enterprise

Instead of making a Next Next Generation series, the producers decided to create a prequel to the Star Trek Original Series. The adventures follow the Enterprise under its first captain, Captain Jonathon Archer as they set out on the first voyagers of adventure. The crew consists mainly of humans plus T'Pol, a female Vulcan and a Denebulan doctor. The series only lasted four series before being axed.

The series tried to avoid references to alien races that appeared after the Original Series such as the Borg, and Cardassians. The Ferengi do appear in an episode where they have taken control of the Enterprise to loot it. The series featured the Andorians, the blue skinned aliens with antennae which had features in the Original Series and made appearances in future series. The Andorians appeared both friendly and hostile to the crew of the Enterprise. The series featured the Klingons as they looked post-Original Series. The Klingon change in appearance was explained by episodes in the fourth series by way of a virus that changed their looks. The series also introduced us to the Xindi and the Suliban, both of whom were never seen again.

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Surprisingly, I like TPol. She's calm and calculated, but not mean. I like Archer too, as a captain, and his dog. And Travis Mayweather. Intersting character Phlox!
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