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A second star Trek spin-off series is based around the adventures of the USS Voyager that gets lost in the Delta Quadrant, the only quadrant that has not been investigated before. The Delta Quadrant is home to the much feared and unknown Borg which the spacecraft under the captaincy of Captain Kathryn Janeway have to deal with. Voyager is the first and only space ship of the Star Trek ships to be captained fully by a female. The Voyager is sent to investigate the disappearance of a Maquis spaceship. The Maquis are a group of aliens and humans who are opposed to the treaty between the Federeation and the Cardassians.

The Maquis ship is teleported to the Delta Quadrant where an alien is trying to find a new occupant for his spacestation. The caretaker as the alien became known holds himself responsible for the destruction of the Ocampan homeworld and as the Caretaker knows he is dying, he wants someone to look after the place after he's gone. As no one is suitable on board the Maquis ship, he captures the Voyager. Again, no one is suitable. Voyager encounters the Kazon which are an aggressive tribal alien race. The Spacestation is capable of sending Voyager back but as Janeway does not want the technology to fall in the Kazon's hands, Janeway orders the stations destruction.

The series follows the Voyager as they head home and encounter many alien races, some for the odd one or two episodes such as the Swarm, some feature for a long time such as the Kazon, Borg and Hirogen. The series bypasses the origins of the Borg, the Voyager is transported through the Borg area by Kes, the Ocampa that travels with them. During the series, they make a pact with the Borg when the enemy Speices 8472 is more deadly than the Borg. After the defeat of Species 8472, the Borg renege on their side of the deal but Janeway anticipates this and escapes with a lone Borg with whom the Doctor, the medical hologram is able to turn back to near human.

Whilst in the other series, the crews would face the same enemies such as the Klingons, Voyager would not have to deal with an alien race that would appear consistently through its series run with the exception of the Borg. This was in part due to the fact Voyager would not be in the same area of space consistently. The Ferengi appear in a couple of episodes, most notably the episode False Prophets where they are tricking the planets population into thinking that they are gods. The crew contains a Vulcan (Tuvok) and a half-human, half-Klingon female (Belanna Torres) as part of the crew. At the beginning of the run, Voyager recruits a Talaxian who becomes their chef (Neelix) and an Ocampan who wishes to travel and meet other Ocampans (Kes).

There are a number of chances of getting back to Earth but they eventually return back to Earth when Admiral Janeway from the future travels back in time to persuade the Captain Kathryn Janeway to use a Borg transwarp core. Transwarp is many times faster to travel through space than just using warp. The episode creates a paradox but you don't really need to think about that too much. In an early episode of Voyager, they discover a wormhole where the exit turns out to be in the past but is unstable to travel through so they have to carry on on their journey through space.

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Some major errors on this page peeps. Chakotay was played by Robert BELTRAN Harry Kim was played by Garrett WANG And there is no entry here for The EMH played by Robert Picardo for the the entire series
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