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33 - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Fleeing from the Cylons, the crew of the convoy of space ships have little time to rest and take stock of what is happening. Doctor Gaius Baltar is continuously plagued by visions of Number Six. In one vision in the episode, she announces she wants to have his child. After every attack from the Cylons, they reset the clock. There is an attack by their enemy every 33 minutes. Onboard the Presidents ship, a request to talk to the President Laura Roslin is received from Dr Amarak. Baltar becomes worried. During a jump, the Olympic Vessel containing the Doctor is lost.

On Caprica, the pilot Lieutenant Helo who gave up his place for Baltar is running from the Cylons in a rain soaked forest.

When the convoy come out of a jump, the Olympic Vessel doesn't come to. The expected next attack by the Cylons doesn't materialise. The Olympic Vessel appears and all attempts at contact fail. Baltar says it must be destroyed fearing it could be containing Cylons. After contact is not achieved, the President and Commander William Adama agree and order Lieutenant Kara Thrace and Captain Lee Adama to destroy it. They appear to want to disobey orders but relent.

On Caprica, HELO is captured by the Cylons and Number Six. Helo is rescued by Lieutenant Sharon Valerii who helps him to his feet and they flee.

Episode Details

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