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Abridging the Devils Divide - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

This episode was written by Gordon Michael Woolvett who is best know for his role as Seamus Harper. As you can guess therefore, the episode is a bit Seamus centric but he's just up to his old tricks again.

The male members of the group are on board the Eureka Maru on a mission when its cut short after a message from a courier arrives asking for Seamus but it turns out to be hijackers. The three men hide but eventually Seamus gives himself away and Telemachus Rhade gives himself up to protect Seamus whilst Dylan Hunt hides.

The men are taken to a planet that looks like Saturn with the rings but only has one moon. On the main planets surface, Seamus Harper comes face to face with Constantine Stark again. Stark wants to build a bridge between the planet and the moon. Seamus is ordered to oversee the construction. Telemachus is turned into a slave whilst Dylan does some investigation. Dylan is eventually caught and forced to work as a slave.

The Andromeda Ascendant is under the command of Beka Valentine now. The Andromeda is chasing a smuggler but a miscalculation destroys the smugglers craft. When the smugglers craft is destroyed, the debris reveals what the smuggler was up to.

Dylan manages to escape from captivity to make it back to the Eureka and escape from the planet. Dylan makes it through a slipstream where he is rescued by the Andromeda Ascendant and the recuperates back to health. Dylan takes the Andromeda back to the planet. Dylan and Rommie travel down to the planet to rescue the hostages.

Despite Dylans protests, Harper turns on the machine that he had built. The machine opens a portal where Magog then come through. The machine is a portal to the future. A descendant of Rev Bem recognises Harper and talks to him.

Rommie manages to turn off the machine. The planet is about to explode so everyone gets off. Seamus feels dreadful that he turned on the machine which Trance Gemini tries to comfort.

Dylan Hunt warns Seamus Harper that he's had two chances and the next one, he's out. Dylan reveals to Rommie that he made up the first to encourage Seamus to work harder.

Episode Details

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