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A Bugs Life - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

The episode begins with the crew of Moya pretending to be prisoners of The Peacekeepers. Ka D'argo is held in his cell chained up, Zhaan and Rygel are just held in their cells. John Crichton and Aeryn Sun pretend to be senior peacekeepers. Moya is expecting a visit from a group of Peacekeepers who want Moyas help. When the Peacekeepers board the craft, they assume control of the ship but are prevented from doing so by Moyas DRD robot firing at peacekeepers.

The visiting peacekeepers want Moya to help them get to Gammak Base, a secret base in the uncharted zones. At first, John and Aeryn refuse but eventually agree to the other Peacekeepers mission. Aeryn uses her knowledge of Peacekeepers to try to gain knowledge from Larraq, the head of the visiting Peacekeepers. The rest of the Peacekeepers bring onto Moya a piece of cargo which is being transported to Gammak Base. Chiana walks in on the Peacekeepers as they bring the cargo in, whilst the Peacekeepers are distracted, Chiana makes a copy of the key to unlock the cargo.

Crichton visits Zhaan and D'argo to tell them what is going on. D'argo refuses to put the chains back on and when one of the visiting Peacekeepers arrives, D'argo goes into character and attacks John but the Peacekeeper is able to rescue Crichton and the two Peacekeepers leave D'argos cell locking D'argo inside. Rygel had escaped from his cell and could blow Moya cover.

Chiana and Rygel are squabbling over the cargo and open the contents. Inside the cargo is a strange alien life form which looks dead. They are disturbed by a peacekeepers who walks in on them. The Peacekeeper looks at the alien and when another Peacekeeper enters the room, the first Peacekeeper shoots the second one dead. The Peacekeeper then spots Chiana and kisses her after grabbing hold of her.

The visiting peacekeepers turn up at the cargo along with John and Aeryn. They discover the cargo has been opened and one of their men is dead. Larraq reveals that the cargo is a alien virus that can take control of the host and within an arn (hour) can multiple. Chiana tells the others that Rygel has the virus and they all start looking for Rygel unaware that Chiana has the virus.

They track down Rygel in a small vent. Whilst Moya's crew and the Peacekeepers work to try and capture Rygel, the virus passes from Chiana to Crichton. The Peacekeepers and John and Aeryn take Rygel back to the cargo hold and lock him up in the cargo box.

Crichton visits Hassan, the Peacekeeper's scientist officer and kills her as she was the only one who could defeat the virus.

Crichton increases the speed at which Moya is travelling to Gammak which attracts everyone to the bridge. They work out that Crichton has the virus and a stand off ensues. During the melee that is encountered, the virus swaps bodies again. Everyone is accusing everyone else. They all head to Hassan's scientific room where Zhaan comes up with a possible cure which has to be injected into the people who have not yet been infected. The last people to be injected with the injection are D'argo and Larraq. After D'argo is injected with the antivirus, Larraq starts shooting then runs off. During Larraq's escape, he crosses paths with Aeryn Sun and hold her as a human shield. After injuring Aeryn, Larraq runs to the cargo bay where he boards the Peacekeeper's marauder craft and leaves. Crichton orders Moya to start Starburst. Starburst will ignite the plasma trail that the marauder craft was leaking causing it to explode.

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