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Farscape - A Clockwork Nebari

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of Moya visit a planet to gain information about Captain Ka Dargo's son. Whilst down there, Chiana causes an incident and John Crichton returns back to Moya before any more incidents arise. When Aeryn Sun returns to Moya, everyone would think that she would be mad with Chiana but Aeryn is as calm as can be. When it is noticed that Aeryn is without a pulse pistol, suspicions run high and eventually a Nebari woman appears and tells Chiana its time to go home.

The Nebari woman instructs Aeryn to put a collar on Pilot to prevent him from deviating from the course that she has instructed the leviathan to take. The path takes them very close to Scorpius but the Nebari woman is not concerned.

A Nebarian space ship arrives with another Nebari on board to help the Nebari woman. Collars are placed on every member of the crew which will inflict pain on the wearer if the wearer does not confirm to the instructions that the woman has given. Although most of the crew have had their memories and personalities altered, Crichton manages to resist his and comes up with a plan to get the Nerbari off the ship. Crichton plans to trick the Nebari woman that a Peacekeeper ship is approaching them. In order for the plan to work, he needs the help of Pilot and the automated DRD robots. He discovers that Dominar Rygel XVI has been faking his mind control and forces Rygel to help him.

The plan works, the image of a Peacekeeper patrol ship appears ont he monitors and threatens the crew of Moya. At the helm of the peacekeeper ship is Bialar Crais. Its seems the peacekeepers don't concern the woman. It seems that everything is going downhill until the Nebari man who was working with the woman turns on her and kills her. The man reveals to Chiana that her brother Nerri is still alive and when Chiana reveals she wants to go with him, the Nebari male recommends she doesn't. Crichton agrees with the Nebari male and Chiana ends up staying on Moya.

Copyright: Henson

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