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Battlestar Galactica - A Day in the Life

Epsiode Synopsis

It is Commander William Adama wedding anniversary and he begins to have memories of when he was still married to his wife Carol-Ann. Things look like they are bliss but later on, their son Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ) reveals the truth and gets William to accept what the marriage was really like. Carol-Ann didn't like the fact that William wasn't always there and it tore their marriage apart.

A small crisis happens when Cpl. Tyrol and Cally ( Battlestar ) are trapped in a part of the ship which has an air leak. Blast doors preventing the whole ship from being affected by the air lock are preventing the couple being rescued. The manual override is broken and the only way to rescue them is by patching the airlock. The first attempt at the airlock patch doesn't work and then William and Saul become involved to work out a way to resolve the issue.

The rescue plan involves a Colonial Raptor being piloted by Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ) outside in position whilst the outside doors are blown away and the raptor capturing the two crew members. The plan works and they are taken to medical bay for checks.

During the episode,. President Laura Roslin and William Adama discuss what to do with Dr. Gaius Baltar. They realise they have no legal framework in place and so they come up with a tribunal and Laura suggests that Lee be the head of the tribunal which Bill agrees. At the end of the episode, Lee receives a number of legal books written by his grandfather, Joseph Adama.

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