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Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War

Epsiode Synopsis

Amy Pond has been kidnapped and now its time for The Doctor and Rory Williams to get her back. Rory Williams is dressed in a Centurion outfit, the type that he wore in The Pandorica Opens to scare the Cybermen into helping him rescue his wife.

Rory and The Doctor call upon the Paternoster Gang from the Victorian age and a host of other characters from the past. This marks the first appearance of the Paternoster Gang which consists of Strax, a Sontaran, Madame Vastra as Silurian and Vastra's lesbian wife, Jenny. Rory calls upon River Song but river is not willing to help in the rescue of Amy Pond but no explanation has been given.

Amy is being held onboard a large spacestation controlled by Madame Kovarian, her army and her friends the headless Monks. The Headless Monks are influenced by the Wraith, the faceless horsemen in Lord of the Rings. The Doctor finally makes an appearance disguised as a Headless Monk before turning out the lights and disappearing. Silurians soldiers appear all over the craft along with Judoon soldiers ready to fight it out.

Rory rescues his daughter and then rescues Amy. The companions are reunited and eventually River Song turns up. River Song, it turns out is the daughter of Amy and Rory and explains why she couldn't take part. River gives the Doctor a message telepathically who gets excited, tells River to return everyone to where they are supposed to be and then he disappears in the Tardis.

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