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Farscape - A Human Reaction

Epsiode Synopsis

It's just another day for the Moya Crew until Pilot picks up a wormhole on its scanners. At the far end of the tunnel is Earth so John Crichton decides to go, bidding farewell to everyone, he gets into the Farscape shuttle and departs. Once through the wormhole, he crash lands on a beach where he's picked up the Military. He undergoes a number of tests then is finally allowed out when his father turns up. Soon after, another space ship arrives on the planet containing his colleagues apart from Pau Zotoh Zhaan and Chiana. They're held in confinement where Dominar Rygel XVI reacts badly to a knockout dart that was used to sedate him.

Unfortunately, Rygel dies as the scientists are unable to save him.. Aeryn Sun decides its time to leave and knocks out a soldier prompting John to flee with her. They take up refuge in an old abandoned place out of the rain which is something that Aeryn's never seen before. After a night of passion, they make plans for what they plan to do next. Aeryn dons a dress as they go out in public. It soon dawns on John that the people he sees are faces from the past and goes mad. He enters a snooker hall and visits the girls toilets which proves his theory right, he's not on Earth. The only person who can answer his questions is his Dad, Jack Crichton. His father reveals he is not his real father but an alien race who wanted to see what 'A HUMAN REACTION' is to aliens from another world. The aliens are called 'Ancients' who believe there is a world out there that they could co-exist with the inhabitants but alas Earth is not that planet.

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