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Dylan Hunt has arranged a meal with the Castalians to cement their joining the new Commonwealth. Rebekah Valentine has to wear a dress, something she against because it inhibits her attempts to run. At the meal, there are a number of speeches but as the speeches come to an end, Tyr Anasazi arrives to make a speech of his own and complain about the Castalian President who he holds responsible for the deaths of many of his fellow nietzscheans

Dylan is angry at Tyr who he remonstrates with after. The President is willing to oversee the incident if Tyr apologises which he is willing to do for Dylan's dream of a new Commonwealth.

Tyr Anasazi is left alone with the President to make the apology but when they are alone, the President is killed and the only suspect in the room is Tyr. Tyr is arrested and the Castalians want him handed over for trial and then the ultimate punishment, death. Dylan refuses to hand him over until an investigation takes place.

During the investigation, Castalians surround the Andromeda Ascendant and some break into the space ship but Dylan Hunt is able to disarm and beat them. The Castalians are allowed to go back home.

Rommie announces that she killed the President but Dylan doesn't accept it because there is no motive. On hearing that Rommie has owned up, Seamus Harper owns up too but Dylan tells him to stop making up stories and solve the murder.

Seamus works out how the murder has occurred and tells Dylan. Dylan announces to the planet below that he has solved the murder and starts playing some music. The music has a virus in it that causes Tyr's weapon to explode. Throughout the visit, music was played all the time whenever the Castalians entered or did something but the music was different for the meeting between Tyr and the President.

The murderer was identified as being the chancellor who was going to become president in a week after the treaty was signed. In the Presidents stepping down speech, he was going to make reference to an incident that caused the deaths of many people and atone for it. The Chancellor didn't want the cover up to be blown so he killed the President.

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