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All too Human - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Rommie is sent on her first solo mission undercover on the planet of Machen Alpha. Rommie's look has changed, her hair is darker than usual. Rommie's mission is to find Philip Kim and extract him. Philip has information that is of use to Dylan Hunt in stopping the inhabitants in a weapon created from Magog technology. Rommie has found Philip and pretends to be his lover when the room is stormed by the Machen security force. Rommie protects her and Philip from the intrusion by jumping out of the window and falling 42 floors to the ground. It is then that Philip discovers that Rommie is an A.I. Robot.

Offshore, under the water is the Eureka Maru which is captained by Tyr Anasazi as Rebekah Valentine is with Dylan Hunt on board the Andromeda Ascendant. Dylan discovers that the weapon that they wish to destroy, the Basilisk is moving out of orbit and orders an interception.

The Eureka Maru comes to the surface and as it does so, it is attacked by the Machen who cause the Eureka to submerge. Tyr orders both Rev Bem and Harper to repair the ship so that they can get to the surface and survive. Seamus Harper has been taking too much of the drug that keeps the Magog eggs that are inside from waking up. Seamus collapses and can't do anymore.

Rommie attempts to keep Philip alive so that they can get off the planet. However, sadly, during one encounter with the security forces, Philip is killed and Rommie has to go on alone to destroy the weapons of the Machen. The leader of the task force hunting Rommie is Agent Carter who is played by Roger Cross, best known for his stint as Kal Varrick in the series, Dark Matter.

With Seamus Harper out cold, Rev Bem comes up with a plan to get to the surface, problem is, it requires flooding the ship and holding your breathe. When Tyr checks for breathing suits, he discovers that there is only one left. After some reluctance, Tyr allows the one remaining one to be used by Seamus whilst he agrees to go into shock and Rev Bem will be able to hold his breathe. The plan works and the ship is floated.

On board the Ascendant, Dylan manages to destroy the Basilisk using slipstream technology to redirect the missiles to somewhere safer. The Basilisk is defeated.

Rommie confronts Agent Carter in both virtual space and in an engineering room where she discovers that Carter is actually an A.I. robot. Rommie manages to eventually defeat Carter and escape using Magog technology to recover the Maru and return to the Ascendant.

Dylan Hunt awards a medal on Rommie for successfully defeating the Machen and saving the other crews. When Rommie says she doesn't deserve it, Dylan says he wants to give her a medal, the first in over 300 years.

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