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A Measure of Salvation - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

A team of Battlestar Galactica personnel containing Captain Lee Adama and Lieutenant Sharon Valerii board the infected Cylon Basestar which was discovered in Torn. Onboard the basestar, they find all the occupants are dead or dying. The ones that they discover are alive, they take back to the Galactica to find a cure for the disease.

Onboard a Cylon Basestar, Doctor Gaius Baltar is being interrogated by the Cylon clones over what he knows of the virus and the devastation of the virus. With the help of the Number Six that is in his head, he manages to avoid the pain that the the interrogation is applying to him. The Number Six strips off in his head and gives him pleasure thoughts to get round the pain.

Doctor Cottle reveals to the crew of the assault team that humans are immune to the virus that is killing the Cylons. The virus was once deadly to the humans but humans discovered an immunity to the virus. Only Athena is infected but later on, she becomes clear of the virus due to her having a hybrid human/cylon virus. .

During the interrogation of Simon O'Neill, a Cylon clone, Lee comes up with a plan to wipe out the Cylons by killing an infected clone near a Resurrection Ship thus spreading the virus amongst all the Cylons. The captured Cylons reveal that the virus will be transported to the Resurrection Ship. Lieutenant Helo is the only one against this idea given the fact this wife is a Cylon. President Laura Roslin and Commander William Adama both agree to the plan.

The Galactica jumps to an area which will attract a fleet of Cylons. Lee is ordered to kill the Cylons but before he can kill them, he discovers that they have been killed. The Cylons are unable to transmit to a resurrection ship and pass on the virus.

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