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Andromeda - An Affirming Flame

Epsiode Synopsis

The Mercenary team led by Tyr Anasazi try to take control of the Andromeda Ascendant but Dylan Hunt manages to take the mercenaries out one at a time. After Dylan has caught a mercenary, he puts them in a suspended animation. Trance Gemini decides to quit the salvage team and when Gerentex, the Nightsider who hired the team hears what Trance wants to do, Gerentex shots and seemingly kills Trance.

Seamus manages to plug his neural network into the ships computer. Unfortunately for Seamus, he wasn't aware that the ship had a built in Artificial Intelligence. Rommie manages to through Seamus out of the computer. This prompts drastic action on the part by Gerentex.

Gerentex decides to leave and steals the Eureka Maru with Seamus Harper at the controls. If Gerentex can't have the craft, no can. Gerentex tries to push the Ascendant back into the black hole giving Dylan Hunt just an hour to resolve the situation.

The Mercenaries in suspension are awoken and given the option to help or run, all but Tyr Ansazi runs leaving just Rev Bam, Dylan Hunt, Tyr Anasazi and Trance Gemini left on the craft. Dylan has a plan to get to safety by using Nova bombs. It would seem that the Nova bombs was what Gerentex was after all this time but he never told anyone. The idea is to turn the Black Hole into a White Hole which would then push the Ascendant out of harms way. All the remaining people pretend to be members of the crew to authorise the firing of the forty nova bombs into the black hole. The plan is a success and the Ascendant is pushed out of the way.

Rebekah asks Dylan to help her get her Eureka Maru back which he agrees to. Seamus left a trail of breadcrumbs for which the Ascendant was able to follow. Without Gerentex realises, Dylan captures the Ascendant and boards the craft. Gerentex is disabled and Rebekah gets her craft back.

Dylan asks those who had invaded his ship to join him on the adventure of bringing back the Commonwealth. Trance Gemini and Seamus Harper are supportive of the plan and reluctantly Rebekah agrees and so does Tyr Anasazi.

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