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And Your Heart Will Fly Away - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Tyr Anasazi goes AWOL as Dylan Hunt has to confront a Genite, a White Knight Invader. After despatching the knight, a massive model of Dylan Hunt appears outside the ship and fires before disappearing.

Tyr lands on Elba 9 and has to deal with his own Genite but is rescued by Desiree. Desiree is the reason why he came to the planet in the first place. A message had been sent to him to pick her up. On Andromeda Ascendant, the person who had sent the massive Dylan and the Genite appears on the bridge. During the earlier melee, Bartolome, a wheelchair bound human had snuck onto the ship. He explains he wants the Andromeda to go to Elba 9 where Tyr is. Dylan reluctantly agrees.

As they approach the planet, they have to deal with the Attrox, a massive armed asteroid. Dylan Hunt sends Rebekah Valentine and Seamus Harper down to the planet using the Maru to pick up Tyr Anasazi. Bartolome explains that Desiree was his true love but if he couldn't have her, no one else would so he sent Tyr to kill her. Instead Tyr fell in love with her and hid her.

Desiree comes to the Andromeda where she sees Bartolome once more. Desiree attempts to kill her ex-lover but is stopped by Beka who disables her. Dylan and Bartolome come up with a plan to destroy the Attrox involving a spare slip fighter. It works and the asteroid is destroyed.

When Desiree wakes up, Bartolome makes his body able to walk again and they have a heart to heart. It is revealed that Disree is a childhood sweatheart of Tyr Anasazi's, her real name is Medea Cymri, out of Isabella, by Zarathustra. Desiree is a Kodiak Pride Nietzschean who had hid her ancestry as a human at this time. Tyr wants to carry on but Desiree doesn't want to. Tyr return Desiree to Elba 9 of her choice.

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Nice to see Tyr in love! And other Nietzscheans of Kodiak pride! I think the guy who plays Bartolome is a verry good actor. He made the character more Shakespearian than I thought. I knew him before, from Largo Winch. He was an ex-KGB agent (or hitman).
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