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Angel Dark, Demon Bright - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Tyr Anasazi and Rebekah Valentine are giving Trance Gemini an unauthorised flight training lesson on how to fly through the slipstream when something goes wrong and instead of going to a planet orbiting the 36 Ophiuchi star, they end up in the Witch-Head nebula.

The Witch-Head Nebula was a major battle between The Commonwealth and nietzschean craft a short time after the Andromeda Ascendant was lost at the Battle of Mephisto. The battle saw a huge loss of ships on both sides. Rommie remarks there doesn't seem to be any wreckage given the size and scale of the battle that had occurred. Both Tyr Anasazi and Seamus Harper tell the Captain slightly differing stories of the battle.

A Commonwealth ship arrives and after making contact with the ship, Dylan Hunt recognises the captain. He holds off warning her in case he changes the past which might then have an affect on the future as some of the crew might not then be born.

When the nietzschean fleet arrives, he sees that the number of craft is more than three times that what was supposed to be there. He has to wipe out a 1000 ships so that it is evenly balanced as it was in the records. Dylan agonises over what to do, he seeks guidance from Rev Bem. Dylan turns to use the device that Harper had designed earlier to destroy the necessary number of ships. The operation is a success and 1000 craft are destroyed.

Tyr Anasazi reveals that what Dylan Hunt did actually happened in his story. An angel had caused a large number of ships to be destroyed, therefore the battle played out correctly.

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