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Star Trek - Enterprise - Anomaly

Epsiode Synopsis

Enterprise travels through a space anomoly but as it comes out of it, it is attacked by an Osaarian spacecraft. The Osaarians board the Enterprise and leave with a lot of their supplies. However, one Osaarian is left behind. Without these supplies, their mission is doomed. Enterprise follows the warp trail emittied from the attacking craft. The trails breaks for a distance but Archer is undeterred and enters the void. Hidden inside the void is a large metallic sphere. Archer and a small team of personnel enter the sphere with the objective of hunting down their stolen supplies. They recover a large amount of the supplies but some of the more important items are missing. They lure their attackers back into the void by attacking the dome. After a battle, Enterprise gets their supplies back and the Osaarian is returned to his ship.

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Associated Characters

Captain Jonathon ArcherCmdr. Charles Trip TuckerHoshi SatoMalcolm ReedPhlox
TPolTravis Mayweather   

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Associated Spaceships

USS Enterprise NX-01    

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