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Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the Andromeda Ascendant are discussing the fall out from Tyr Anasazi betraying The Commonwealth when they are interrupted to say that a courier ship has arrived and is under attack. Andromeda destroys the attacking craft and allows the courier ship to board. There is only person inside the courier ship and he is badly injured. Trance Gemini sees to the injured mans wounds.

The courier has a message for Dylan Hunt from someone calling himself Paroo. Paroo states that the Commonwealth which Dylan Hunt had worked so hard to re-establish is now dead. Paroo has Tri-Jema, a senior member of the Commonwealth as a prisoner. There is no way to verify the message with Tarazed to verify the message.

Dylan takes the Andromeda Ascendant to the point where the Nietzscheans made their attack causing the downfall of the Systems Commonwealth again. At the site, there are lots of wreckage from the battle. Dylan is surprised to receive a message from a ship that survived. The survivor ship wants to follow but Dylan tells the captain that he might not want to come along. Amongst the wreckage is Tyr's slip fighter but there is no signs of him.

Dylan orders the Anromeda to the All Forces Nullification Point where they hope to track down Paroo and rescue Tri-Jema. They discover a planet there so Dylan Hunt and Rebekah Valentine travel down to the planet in order to find Tri-Jema.

Dylan confronts Paroo to get the information on where Tri-Jema is but has to resort to violence to get the information out of him. Beka watches over Paroo but he manages to make a run for it. Dylan goes to find Tri-Jema who doesn't trust Dylan so he has some persuading to do. Eventually, Dylan wins over Tri-Jema then Paroo confronts the others. The others (Dylan, Rebekah and Tri-Jema) turn their weapons on Paroo to kill him.

As they leave the planet's orbit using slipstream, they experience a strange sensation where they see the Spirit of the Abyss.

On Tarazed, Tri-Jema and Dylan walk down a corridor where they are going to present a case to the Systems Commonwealth ambassadors.

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