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A Perfect Murder - Farscape

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The crew of Moya land on a planet to replenish their resources. John Crichton is visiting the planets Prime Prefect whilst Chiana is upsetting the locals with D'argo trying his best to keep her out of trouble. Aeryn Sun is led away subconsciously by a small girl and into a village. She witnesses D'argo talking to someone then villagers being killed. D'argo is in fact talking to one of the planet's clan's Prefects about his son. The son Zebrat is getting to know Sikuzo a little more than you would the first time you'd meet someone. Chiana spies on the couple then interferes with them. Only when D'argo arrives does the situation get cleared up. Chiana is sent back to the ship so that she doesn't cause any more harm. John has a close encounter with an inhabitant of the planet who warns him. The sound of shooting emanates from the village, as D'argo and John enters, Aeryn shoots D'argo then runs. A lot of villagers have been killed.

The crew are killed including Zebrats father so he takes charge of his clan. The crew are placed under arrest and Zebrat leads the investigation. He takes John with him to hunt down Aeryn. Sikuzo joins the other two in the hunt, she can prove to be a calming influence on the son. When the hunting team splits into two, Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu and Zebrat in one, John on his own in the other, Aeryn makes herself known to John. They are talk is interrupted by a clans leader who tells them that there has been other murders, all the other murderers have died. Aeryn has no recollection of what happened, only of shooting the person, a little girl and D'argo. Latter on, she remembers shes been bitten by a bug but there are no bugs on the planet. It must have come from off-world. As they talk, John is bitten by one, as he sees what could possibly be the future, he leaves to prevent it from happening. The Prime Prefect captures Chiana and wonders why the bugs parasite is not affecting Chiana. As John and Aeryn head to the castle to face the Prime Prefect, they pulls their guns on one another. As they reach the castle building and enter the room where Chiana is, they shoot it out with the bug keeper who creates the bugs from within him. They face off again against one another but this time Captain Ka Dargo, Sikuzo, Zebrat and Chiana interfere this time. Zebrat faces the Planets prefect and watches as he backs away out the window and to certain death. Sikuzo bids farewell to Zebrat...

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Copyright: Henson

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