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Battlestar Galactica - Apotheosis

Epsiode Synopsis

After the events of the previous episode where Sister Clarice Willow was thwarted in her attempt to get her holoband back from the Graystones, the police are called. One of those called is Gara Singh, Jordan Durum's commanding officer who is a member of the religious terrorists. Gara finds a list of S.T.O. terrorists and threatens them with arrest. Cyrus, a colleague of Daniel Graystone pulls a gun on Gara allowing the Graystones to escape.

Daniel and Amanda Graystone escape to the park where Jordan was shot and locate the holoband. Daniel hacks into the holoband and discovers the plans of the terrorists to blow up a Pyramid stadium. Daniel makes contact with a colleague and persuades him to reprogramme the Cylon robots so that that Daniel is able to take control. The Graystones head to the stadium where they barricade themselves in a room to control the Cylons when they land in their ship.

Clarice Willow withdraws from taking part in the operation, choosing to stay and carry on conversions. The operation carries on with the STO taking the bombs into the stadium. The Cylons under the control of Daniel spot and eliminate all the terrorists with only one bomb going off but only killing the terrorist who had the bomb.

Zoe Graystone confronts the avatar of Clarice Willow in the virtual heaven and causes the paradise that Clarice had created to turn into hellish environment with earthquakes and volcanoes. The virtual heaven is destroyed and the computers that Clarice was using blow up loosing all her virtual friends who had been killed by the Cylons.

We see what happens next, the Cylons become commonplace. When Clarice visits Blessed Mother on Gemenon, she is confronted by Lacy Rand who has now assumed control of the Soldiers of the One. Zoe becomes a skin job in the real world.

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Associated Characters

Aaron DoralAaron KellyAdmiral Helena CainAlex QuartararoBarnabas Greeley
Becca KellyBen StarkBilly KeikeyaBoxeyBrendan 'Hotdog' Constanza
Brother John CavilCally ( Battlestar )Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo )Capt. TroyCassiopeia
Coker FasjovikColonel Jack FiskColonel Saul TighCommander William AdamaCpl. Galen Tyrol
D'anna BiersDr. CottleDr. Gaius BaltarEllen TighHera Agathon
Jordan DuramJoseph AdamaLeoben ConoyLt. AthenaLt. Dillon
Lt. Felix GaetaLt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck )Lt. Karl Agathon ( Helo )Lt. Louanne 'Kat' KatraineLt. Margaret `Racetrack` Edmondson
Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer )LuciferNumber SixPetty Officer Anastasia DuallaPresident Laura Roslin
Priestess EloshaRomo LampkinSam AdamaSamuel AndersSerina
Shannon AdamaShebaSimon O'NeillTamara AdamaTom Zarek
Tomas VergisTory FosterZak Adama  

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Associated Spaceships

BattlestarCloud 9Colonial RaptorColonial ViperCylon Basestar
Cylon FighterResurrection Ship   

Associated Films

Battlestar GalacticaBattlestar Galactica IIBlood and Chrome
RazorThe Plan 

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