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A Rose in the Ashes - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt and Rommie are trying to build an alliance with the Arazians when they accuse Dylan of blasphemy and sentence them to prison for life. They are taken to an off-world prison planet where he is told the basics of how to survive by the chief warden.

The prison is an open prison instead of the prisons on Earth where people are locked in cells. The planet has a red light environment in part because of the redness of the planet and the sky being a yellowy red environment. However there are moments when the sky is blue like the Earth. Dylan catches the attention of Kae-Lee who is the self-imposed leader of the group. Kae-Lee steals Dylan's food chip and gets him to fight a Magog creature in order to win the chip back. Dylan manages to beat the creature by tipping over a box of brown balls and making the Magog falls over them. Dylan is handed back his food chip.

After Dylan has won, Rommie is released into the general population wearing a black see through top and is kept in a cage. She doesn't wear the top for long as she is covered up after her escape.

Tyr Ansazi wants to blow the Arazians up unless they give Dylan and Rommie back but Rebekah Valentine counters the order because it will probably make things worst.

Trance Gemini talks to the virtual PC Rommie in order to console her over her missing physical avatar. The ships computer denies that there is anything wrong but Trance doesn't accept that and diagnose that she is really missing the physical avatar. The Physical Avatar is different from all the other robots onboard as it in human in appearance.

Dylan tries to befriend an outsider, a prisoner from who lives on the outside of the confines of the prison but she's not interested. The Magog who gives out the food rations only gives half portions to the outsiders which Dylan tries to object too but doesn't get physical this with.

Seamus Harper discovers that Dylan and Rommie have been moved off world to one of three worlds. When the Andromeda Ascendant reaches the location, there is no planet there. Rebekah Valentine tries to work out where they could have been sent and comes up with a long list of possible locations. Trance Gemini selects one at random which is just as good as anywhere to start remarks Rebekah.

Dylan has befriended Jessa, an outsider whilst Rommie has powered down to save energy. When the prison warders attack, the warders kidnap Jessa and take her back to the prison camp. Dylan decides to go rescue her and teams up with Kae-Lee and the Magog to break into the prison. It is revealed that Jessa and Kae-Lee are sisters. The Magog is killed after successfully breaking open the door to where Jessa is being held. Dylan enters the room to confront the warder and is knocked unconscious, Kae-Lee enters but is killed by the warden who breaks her neck after Kae-Lee had fired an arrow at the Warden. Rommie recharges using improvised charger and bursts into the room to attack the Warden. Dylan gets up to kill the robot Warden by shooting him.

Tyr Anasazi and Rebekah Valentine using the Eureka Maru make it down to the planet after Dylan turns off the shield. Jessa decides to stay on the prison camp when Dylan gives her the option of leaving the planet.

Dylan tries to introduce Trance Gemini to the fun of tossing a coin with heads and tails.

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