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A Symmetry of Imperfection - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

When contact is lost with Beka Valentine on a planet, Dylan Hunt travels down to the planet with Trance Gemini. Beka comes under attack from a Magog group but Dylan and Trance arrive at that time to help her. The Magog have arrived in a new space ship, not a Magog Worldship.

Rommie orders the Andromeda Ascendant to escape and go into slipstream leaving the others behind. Telemachus Rhade travels back to the location of the planet and is reunited with the Eureka Maru and the crew. Telemachus comes up with a plan to get them out of there which works.

Because of what Rommie done, the Ascendant's computers initiate a scan which locks everyone out of the machine. When Dylan arrives back, he is unable to get back onto the Andromeda, he has to wait for the scan to finish, however, Dylan has another way to get on to the craft which works. Rommie is to reboot herself against the captains orders because she has an error in the code.

When the Magog attack again after learning the location, Dylan Hunt is able to defeat the magog. After Rommie has finished rebooting, she has no memory of anyone. Later on, Seamus Harper is able to put the memories back.

Episode Details

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