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Back and Back and Back to the Future - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Moya comes to the assistance of a damaged Ilanic cruiser and enables the two crew to come aboard before the cruiser is destroyed. John Crichton starts to have dreams about him and the female Ilanic. He initially believes that they are a mating ritual but as time goes on, he's not so sure. Ilanics and Luxans are closely related genetically and D'argo has a crush on the female. When John tries to warn D'argo, he believes he's trying to warn him off the woman so that John may have her. As time goes on, the dreams get worst. Aeryn Sun also takes a dislike to the female and challenges her to a fight which she accepts.

Whilst they are fighting, Aeryn discovers something about her opponent which she has to the tell the others. After cornering Captain Ka Dargo, they tell him the truth which he fails to accept. Only when John reveals something that D'argo has never mentioned to anyone before then the Luxan falls in behind the rest. It is revealed that the female is not a Ilanic but a Scorvian. The two alien races have been at war with one another and the latter are after something the other race has. When the crew confront the female, she kills her male companion and attempts to leave. The male however initiates a self destruct program for the device that they had to transfer to another ship. The device is a small black hole in a box which had been the cause of the time jumping for John.

Episode Details

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