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Baltars Escape - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

The council of the fleet have decided that they wish to take over the decisions for the fleet from Commander Adama. The first decision that they want is to meet with the leader of the Eastern Alliance that Capt. Apollo and Starbuck had captured in the previous episode. The Council believes that Luna 7 where the Eastern Alliance troops are from is a place that the survivors of the Cylon attack can live.

Count Baltar suggests to the Borealian Nomans at dinner that he has a way of getting him, them and the Eastern Alliance troopers the freedom that they want. The Nomans listen without any show of enthusiasm. Later when the Nomans are being taken back to their cells, they fake their deaths and take the wardens prisoner. With their prisoners, they head to the prison ship's Alpha bay . A Colonial Raptor is on its way to pick up the leader of the Eastern Alliance because the Council wants to talk to him. Inside the Raptor are Lieutenant Boomer and Lieutenant Sheba.

The escaped prisoners take control of the Raptor and fly it to the Galactica. At the Galactica, the Council await the arrival of the Eastern Alliance and are captured when it arrives. Baltar gives Adama an ultimatum, release them or he'll blow up the ship with the hostages.

In disgust at what is going on, Col. Tigh asks to be relieved from control and goes to find Capt. Apollo and Lieutenant Starbuck in the mess hall. Tigh casually tells the Colonial Warriors what is going on and they head back to docking bay. On their way to the docking bay, they come across Baltar forcing him to retreat and not get to the bridge which he had planned to get to.

Baltar's demands are the release of everyone's ship for the lives of the council and he also wants his Cylon Centurions back. The problem with the Cylons are that they are in pieces and the chief technician can't put them together again.

Commander Adama gives himself as a prisoner in exchange for another hour to deal with the demands. Apollo has an idea on how to resolve the situation and tells Tigh to stall for time which Tigh reluctantly agrees. Tigh when he talks to Adama puts Adama in his place.

All the hostage takers run to their space ships and take off. When Baltar gets to his, his Cylons destroy their ships controls which prompts Apollo and Starbuck to recapture Baltar and prevent him from blowing up the hostages.

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