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Star Trek - Voyager - Basics

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

USS Voyager receives a message from Seskia who says that the Kazon Tribe that she went off with will kill her and her child. Seskia says that the child doesn't belong to Cullah, the leader. Seskia says the child is Chakotay. Chakotay doesn't believe her but Captain Kathryn Janeway says she'll support Chakotay if he wants to go and rescue Seskia and the child.

Voyager pursues Cullah but when they arrive at the location that they were directed to go, there is only a damaged Kazon ship with an injured Kazon. The Kazon is taken aboard the Voyager for help. The Kazon is confined to quarters after being seen by the Doctor. The Kazon prisoner commits suicide and causes an explosion on board the craft. The Voyager is under attack from a small Kazon craft then by more Kazon craft.

Tom Paris leaves Voyager in the Delta Flyer to go and get help from the Talaxians. Voyager is overrun by the Kazon who take the ship to Hanon IV where the crew of Voyager are left to survive.

The only crew members left onboard the Voyager are the Emergency Medical Holographic Doctor and the prisoner, Suder.

Part 2

Seskia finds out that the child is not Chakotays but is indeed the Kazon Leader's child.

The crew on Hanon IV set up camp but one of their members, Hogan is killed and two of their members disappear (Neelix and Kes) so Janeway starts a search and rescue operation to find the missing members. The members are discovered to have been captured by the natives and there seems to be disagreement over what to do with the hostages. Janeway takes advantage of the confusion in the kidnappers camp and rescues her colleagues. After rescuing the crew members, they run into a cave where they have to deal with a giant snake.

Tom Paris has managed to persuade the Talaxians to help recover the Voyager from the Kazon. The Talaxians attack Voyager and lure it into a nearby nebula which allows for Tom Paris to sneak on board the Voyager to disable the Kazon.

Suder is sabotaging the craft from within which gives Tom Paris the ability to get onboard the craft. The Kazon decide that they can't win and leave Voyager. Tom Paris takes Voyager to Hanon IV and rescue the crew.

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