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Be All My Sins Remembered - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Tyr Anasazi is teaching Rebekah Valentine self defence when Dylan Hunt interrupts with a message from sub-space. Rebekah's ex-lover Bobby Jansen is now dead. Rebekah feels the need to go pay her respects. Dylan decides to go with her, leaving Tyr Anasazi in charge of the Andromeda Ascendant and to deal with the Chichens.

Rebekah discovers Seamus Harper has stowed away on board the Eureka Maru but doesn't turn round, Rebekah continues the journey as they enter slipstream. When the Eureka Maru comes out of a slipstream, the area is filled with mines. Dylan orders that the power is shut down which Harper reluctantly turns off. Dylan's plan is to wait until the Andromeda Ascendant arrives to destroy the mines. During the time they have to wait, Rebekah tells Dylan Hunt the stories of her with Bobby Jansen. Rebekah and Bobby were once lovers, they had worked together before Rebekah worked with Seamus.

Whilst waiting for the Ascendant, the Eureka is boarded by pirates. One of the pirates turns out to be Bobby Jansen who has now had an upgrade done to him, electronic eye and metal cased chest and arm. Bobby wants to lure the Ascendant so that he can take over the ship and use to bring an end of war and make a profit.

Dylan Hunt is forced to order the Ascendant to the location. During the communication link, Dylan Hunt keeps blinking his eyes which Rommie identifies as a code. Rommie carries out the instructions and moves the Ascendant close to the Eureka Maru.

Dylan, Rebekah and Seamus are able to resolve the situation onboard the Maru. At the end, Bobby Jansen is killed by being electrocuted by Rebekah Jansen.

Trance Gemini is not seen in the episode, only mentioned in the titles.

Episode Details

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