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Belly of the Beast - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Andromeda heads for the planet of Savion which legend has it, it is attacked every six thousand years by a creature from space. The crew finds this a little on the hard side to believe. Dylan Hunt and Trance Gemini take the Eureka Maru to the planet leaving Rebekah Valentine in charge onboard the Ascendant. The others meanwhile have to deal with a giant jellyfish like creature that is on the way to the planet.

When the Eureka Maru reaches Savion, Dylan can see the effect that the creature has on the planet. The planet and its moon has a large claw imprint on it. Neither Dylan nor Trance visit the planet itself.

When signals from the Andromeda Ascendant stop being received by the Eureka, Dylan turns back to see that the Andromeda has been swallowed. On board the Andromeda, Rommie has been damaged and is unable to help. Fires have broken out throughout the ship so Tyr Anasazi deals with the most of them except one. Seamus Harper makes his way to the aft of the ship to jettison the slipstream drive. The drive contains anti-matter which is dangerous to the creature, thus killing it.

When Dylan is reunited with the crew, music is played in the bridge. Dylan shows some light-heartedness by taking Trance Gemini and dancing. Rebekah tries to get Tyr Anasazi dancing much to his displeasure.

The creature is referred to as Cetus, which incidentally is also the name of a whale in Greek Mythology.

Episode Details

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