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Farscape - Beware of Dog

Epsiode Synopsis

The food supplies are being infected by parasites which could be lethal to the crew. When Captain Ka Dargo and Chiana return from an away mission, they have in their possession a Vork. The Vork is a small bald creature that likes to play cute although Aeryn Sun absolutely hates the creature. Now not only does the crew have to worry about the parasites, they also have to worry about the Vork. The episode follows the crew trying to track down the Vork.

D'argo reveals that the parasite is real and had been attacked and knocked out. Pau Zotoh Zhaan is called to heal D'argo back to health again. The parasite has infected D'argo and Dominar Rygel XVI and if they are not healed soon, they will both die. The cure may lie in the parasite if they can catch it. They discover that the parasite makes clones of people and it makes a near perfect replica of Rygel.

When they manage to corner the parasite, they believe it is the Vork but the Vork manages to save the day but dies in the process.

As well as contending with the Vork and the parasite, John Crichton also has to deal with the visions of Scorpius who keeps appearing at different moments of the situation.

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