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Battlestar Galactica - Black Market

Epsiode Synopsis

After a meeting with President Laura Roslin and Commander William Adama, Colonel Jack Fisk returns back to BattlestarPegasus where he takes some time out for some relaxation in his room. He is interrupted by a group of people led by Black Marketeer Phelan, who subsequently garrot him.

When Adama discovers what has happened, he asks his son Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ) to investigate.

Throughout the episode, Lee is plagued by nightmares of his survival in Resurrection Ship, Part 2 where he was rescued when his ship was blown up. He is having a business relationship with a prostitute Shevon whilst also being plagued by his girlfriend who died when Caprica was attacked.

The relationship between Lee and Shevon becomes entangled with the black marketeers who kidnap Shevon but let him live. When Lee wakes from being attacked, his is greeted by Tom Zarek who tells Lee all he wants to know about the black market.

Lee visits the Black Market ship and confronts Phelan, killing him. He leaves with the rescued Shevon. Shevon doesn't want to go with Lee, she doesn't want to be a substitute for his lost love. Lee also had to deal with Petty Officer Dualla interest in Lee but he brushes her aside.

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