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Battlestar Galactica - Blowback

Epsiode Synopsis

Lacy Rand is now on Gemenon and is on a craft to the Soldiers of the One training ground when the craft is hijacked. The hijackers start executing people, throwing them out of the airlock. Near the end of the episode, Lacy leads a revolt against the hijackers but it all turns out to be a test and no-one is killed. Later that night at the camp, Lacy witnesses someone being executed by a Cylon robot.

Agent Jordan Durum finds out someone has been tampering with the evidence. Jordan reveals to his boss that his informant inside Sister Clarice Willow's organisation is Ma-Beth who is subsequently killed. The real informant is safe for now.

Daniel Graystone confronts Sam and Joseph Adama in regards to evidence that Cylons are being shipped to Gemenon for use by Soldiers of the One. Daniel asks for a meeting with Guatrau which go too well as Daniel is given a short deadline to produce the virtual reality product he had been designing.

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