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Farscape - Bone to be Wild

Epsiode Synopsis

Hiding out in an asteroid field, the crew of Moya receive a distress call from a creature calling herself M`Lee. Captain Ka Dargo, Pau Zotoh Zhaan and John Crichton visit the asteroid where the call is coming from. The asteroid has an atmosphere and its environment is that of a jungle. The creature says its being hunted by a bear like creature with two mouths. They plans to protect her. During the episode, John discovers that Zhaan`s alien race evolved from plants. When the creature appears, M`Lee runs off. The creature identifies himself as Br`Nee after attacking John does not killing him. Br`Nee befriends John and takes him to his labratory and explains to him the situation. She needs calcium to survive which is why Zhaan is safe. M`Lee faces D`argo but he keeps his distance but doesn`t attack. When Zhaan and Br`Nee leave the lab to heal D`argo who was badlyd damaged in an early cunter, M`Lee confronts John again, after a game of hide and seek, she appears face to face with him where they talk. John discovers that M`Lee needs calcium to survive and as Zhaan is made of roots rather than bone, Zhaan is safe. She doesn`t attack John and they talk, she explains her history and why she`s there. John returns to the others and Zhaan and Br`Nee leave. When John later meets up with Br`Nee in the lab, Zhaan is missing and believes M`Lee has been taken her. He realises that M`Lee is only intersted in calcium based creatures and Zhaan is not so he scouts round the lab and finds a miniturised Zhaan. During the enlargement process, Br;`Nee is killed. On the way out, M`Lee arrives and they talk before M`Lee goes off to devour the calcium remains of Br`Nee. Other stories involve Scorpius and Crais in a battle of wills including telling Crais he`s being investiaged by Peacekeeper command. Aeryn Sun has to deal with a problem with Talyn, the immature battle Leviathan before finally pacifying him. Nothing much happens to Chiana or Dominar Rygel XVI.

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AhknaBialar CraisCaptain Meeklo BracaCommandant Mele-On GrayzaJack Crichton
Joolushko Tunai Fenta HovalisPilotSikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi ShanuStarkUtu-Noranti Pralatong

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