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Bringing Home the Beacon - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

The female members of Moyas crew (Aeryn Sun, Chiana, Utu-Noranti Pralatong and Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu) visit a dead leviathan in order to purchase a sensor distorter so that they can hide Moya from their followers. The male members of the crew (John Crichton, Scorpius, Dominar Rygel XVI and Captain Ka Dargo) stay on board Moya.

The female members make contact with a trader who after making a sexist comment, saying the women probably don't know what a sensor modulator is are handed one. The Sensor Modulator is part of the Moya that the distorter attaches to. The traders leave after concluding a deal, the distorter will take four hours to process. Before the traders leave, Chiana kisses one of them.

Whilst the females wait for the traders to come back to them, Chiana is tasked with following the two traders. Aeryn and Sikozu spot Commandant Mele-On Grayza on board the leviathan with Meeklo Braca. The two females (Aeryn and Sikozu) believe they have a traitor in their midst and that Mele-on is here to capture the crew of Moya. Its not long before War Minister Ahkna arrives with a group of Scarran soldiers. There looks like a meeting is going to take place between the groups, both of who group leaders whom are not high enough to make any form of agreement between the two factions. Sikozu spies on what is being said between the two female leaders and relays it back to Aeryn.

Grayza is willing to cede Luxan space in return for a peace treaty between the two organisations. Luxans have an alliance with The Peacekeepers, which if Luxans were handed over to the Scarrans would Start a war.

Chiana has followed the traders to a massage parlour where she enters and gets a massage from a chameleon alien, during which time she is temporarily paralysed. Noranti comes looking for Chiana but by the time Noranti reaches the parlour, the massage is over and Chiana is back on her feet.

News that Chiana is on board the leviathan results in Captain Meeklo Braca ordering a search of the craft for the wanted Nebari. When Peacekeepers approach Chiana and Noranti, the two wanted female return to the massage parlour and get a make-over. Chiana becomes darker and her hair goes from gray to red to avoid detection by the Peacekeepers.

Once an accord is signed between the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans, War Minister Ahkna turns on Commandant Mele-On Grayza and holds her prisoner in an open tomb like object. Aeryn and Sikozu disable a few Scarran soldiers and using the Scarran gear and masks rescue Mele-on Grayza and Braca. Aeryn tells the Sikozu and Noranti to go help Chiana, whilst she has other business to deal with.

Chiana has found the traders working on Moya's sensor modulator and is tied up by the traders as they don't recognise her. Chiana in trying to convince the traders she is who she says she is, she kisses the same trader that she kissed earlier and he is convinced that she is Chiana. Sikozu and Noranti enter the room and the business deal is completed and the three women return back to the ship.

The crew wait for Aeryn Sun to return back to the ship. Moya departs and is followed by a warship which they evade by turning on the sensor distorter and it works.

Crichton turns on Aeryn after she doesn't know anything about a baby and after a stand off, Crichton shoots Aeryn in the face, to reveal that she is a copy and not the real Aeryn. Ka D'argo pledges that he will help Crichton find Aeryn.

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