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Bunker Hill - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The Andromeda Ascendant successfully wins a battle with a Nietzschean pride fleet and saving a transporter. The real target of the attack who was in the transporter then boards the Ascendent. Dylan Hunt discovers that Elssbett from The Honey Offering was the target and provides her with protection. The Andromeda is to go into battle against a Drago-Kazov battle fleet in order to help their alliance with the Jaguar Pride.

Seamus Harper receives a message from his cousin Brandon and asks for help with the Drago-Kazov who have taken over Earth. Seamus tries to persuade Dylan but it doesn't work. Dylan needs to defeat the Drago-Kazov fleet. Dylan offers Rommie to help in the liberation of Earth. If the Ascendant can beat the Drago-Kazov here in space, Dylan will come to the rescue of Earth.

Seamus goes to Boston, Earth in the Eureka Maru and finds his cousin. Seamus starts an uprising on the planet but Dylan doesn't come. Dylan sends Tyr Anasazi to provide assistance. Tyr suggest a retreat which Seamus doesn't like as the battle against the Nietzscheans isn't going well. Rommie uses the planets communication system to start an uprising across many cities.

Seamus has to leave Earth and return to the Ascendant, leaving his cousin behind.

The name Bunker Hill comes from a battle on June 17, 1775 during the American War of Independence that took place between American and British troops. The battle took place in Boston, the same town that Seamus Harper comes from in the series. Ref: Wiki

Neither Rev Bem nor Trance Gemini appeared in the episode. Rebekah Valentine was in the Ascendant helping Dylan by piloting the Andromeda through slipstreams.

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