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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Business as Usual

Epsiode Synopsis

With financial problems caused by the Ferengi Commerce Authority, Quark agrees to a transaction in partnership with his cousin to the arms dealer Hagath. Constable Odo is about to intervene when the Bajoran Government intervenes and lets it be known the transaction is an entirely honourable one that must be allowed to go ahead. When Quark discovers what Hagath plans to do with the weapons he buys, he organises a confrontation between Hagath, Hagath`s customer, the Regent of Palamar and General Nassuc, leader of the Palamarian Freedom Brigade.

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Associated Characters

Ambassador WorfCaptain Benjamin SiskoChief Miles OBrienCol. Kira NerysConstable Odo
Dr. Julian BashirElim GarakGul DukatJake SiskoLt. Ezri Dax
Lt. Jadzia DaxQuark   

Associated Planets

Cardassia Prime    

Associated Aliens

Jem HadarTrill   

Associated Spaceships

Deep Space NineUSS Defiant - NX-74205   

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