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Battlestar Galactica - Caprica - Pilot

Epsiode Synopsis

The pilot was an extended episode that gave an insight into the creaton of the Cylons. It is set 58 years before the fall of the colonies of Kobol. It starts by setting up the lead teenager children Lacy Rand, her friend Zoe Graystone and Zoe's boyfriend Ben Stark. They live parallel lives, one a real one and another in a virtual world where anything goes from murder to sex to dance. Access to the virtual world is through glasses.

Lucy, Zoe and Ben are all taken in by the power of the Soldiers of the One, a monothestic religious order compared to the polythestic religon that the main stream people of Caprica live by. The three friends plan to leave for Gemenon where they believe they can practice their version of religion openly. When class has started, the three friends skip school and get on a train to get a craft to Gemenon. Lacy decides at the last moment not to go with them, instead, she goes back to school. As the train leaves the station, a nervous Ben Stark announces that he believes in the one God and sets off a suicide vest. He kills everyone on the carriage, not only Zoe but also the sister and mother of Commander William Adama of the Battlestar Galactica.

Two weeks later, after a meeting, Joseph Adama, a lawyer for some dubious characters and Daniel Graystone, a wealthy Industrialist meet at a meeting of the families of the victims of the bombing. They strike up a friendship.

Lacy visits the Graystones house where she's allowed into the bedroom of Zoes where she takes the hologlasses and enters the world of the virtual. Lacy finds Zoe in a locked room and speaks to her. Zoe believes the real world one is dead and is covered in blood. Lacy tells her the truth.

Daniel persuades Joseph to get hold of a devices from a rival company that can help the creation of a robotic form of their daughters. Daniel is able to create a virtual character of Tamara Graystone which he shows to Joseph but Joe is unable to comprehend what is going on, calling it unnatural.

On the second visit, Daniel catches Lacy and enters the real world too. Daniel meets his daughter and then takes virtual character and stores it on a memory stick.

The memory of Zoe is placed in a Cylon but something goes wrong and it seems like the memory of his daughter has been wiped.

Lacy turns to Sister Clarice Willow for help and guidance, unknown to Lacy that Clarice is a believer in the Solder of the One religion.

The prototype Cylon soldier that Graystone Industries had earlier made didn't do too well in the tests but the newly upgraded one is ace'd the test. The Defence Ministry is pleased and is willing to offer the military contract to Graystone to keep the contract and work on Caprica instead of it going to Virgis.

The robot that had Zoe's persona installed wakes up and calls Lacy asking for help.

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