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Battlestar Galactica - Rebirth

Epsiode Synopsis

Daniel Graystone is still trying to get the Cylon that performed well in the military tests to work. The Cylon contained the avatar of Zoe Graystone. He can`t understand why that particular Cylon works well but the others don`t. He orders the Cylon to be sent to his home. The Cylon is put in a case and put in a van. When they arrive at the home, the Cylon goes mad, trying to free itself. The Cylon is deactivated, to be activated later when Lacy Rand comes to visit.

Lacy takes up Sister Clarice Willow invitation to come and see Clarice at her home. Lacy is introduced to Clarice`s wives and husbands who live in a polygamous arrangement.

Sam Adama takes the young William Adama under his wing, teaching him how to survive on the streets. Its not the type of life that he should be aspiring to. Sam smashes a window with a trashcan but as he makes a run for it, he walks into two policemen who arrests him and William. THe arrest doesn`t last long and they are released.

Daniel goes with Amanda Graystone to the memorial of the train terrorist attack. Amanda meets Natalie Stark, the mother of Ben Stark which has an unnerving effect on Amanda. Daniel bumps into Joseph Adama who wants to know why Daniel is avoiding contact with him. Their talk is interrupted when Amanda goes to the lecturn and announces that her daughter Zoe Graystone is a terrorist with the Soldiers of the One. The Graystones flee for their lives.

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