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Battlestar Galactica - Reins of a Waterfall

Epsiode Synopsis

Following Amanda Graystone's revelation that Zoe, her daughter is a terrorist, the Graystones are trying hard to cope with the fall-out. Amanda resigns from the hospital she was working at. After having a boxing session at a gym, Daniel Graystone is confronted by Sam Adama who takes Daniel somewhere to rough him up a bit. After the beating has stopped, Joseph Adama appears. Joe demands to see his daughter once more. Daniel agrees to try to find her in the virtual world.

Zoe's Avatar meets with Lacy Rand in the virtual world where they talk about the future. When they open a door into the rest of the virtual world, they find another holographic person in the room. The hologram is Tamara Graystone ad release her into the virtual world. Tamara wants no help from the other two, she wants to find her own way out there.

When Joseph visits Daniel, they go into the virtual space but Tamara is no longer there. Later, Joseph hints to Sam that he wants his and Daniel's lives equalised, he implies that he wants Amanda Graystone to be killed.

The police are not having much luck with their investigation. The chief of the police reveals to Jordan Duram and his colleague that they had a video of Ben Stark being questioned but they released without charge. The video had the wrong spelling and didn't follow up. The Chief destroys the tape so that no one knows about it. The police decide to obtain a search warrant for the Graystones house.

Sister Clarice Willow meets with a member of the Soldiers of the One in a confession box in the virtual world. She reveals she is getting closer to Zoe's virtual avatar.

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Aaron DoralAaron KellyAdmiral Helena CainAlex QuartararoBarnabas Greeley
Becca KellyBilly KeikeyaBoxeyBrendan 'Hotdog' ConstanzaBrother John Cavil
Cally ( Battlestar )Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo )Capt. TroyCassiopeiaCoker Fasjovik
Colonel Jack FiskColonel Saul TighCommander William AdamaCpl. Galen TyrolD'anna Biers
Dr. CottleDr. Gaius BaltarEllen TighHera AgathonJordan Duram
Leoben ConoyLt. AthenaLt. DillonLt. Felix GaetaLt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck )
Lt. Karl Agathon ( Helo )Lt. Louanne 'Kat' KatraineLt. Margaret `Racetrack` EdmondsonLt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer )Lucifer
MotherNumber SixPetty Officer Anastasia DuallaPresident Laura RoslinPriestess Elosha
Romo LampkinSamuel AndersSerinaShannon AdamaSheba
Simon O'NeillTamara AdamaTom ZarekTomas VergisTory Foster
Zak Adama    

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BattlestarCloud 9Colonial RaptorColonial ViperCylon Basestar
Cylon FighterResurrection Ship   

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Battlestar GalacticaBattlestar Galactica IIBlood and Chrome
RazorThe Plan 

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