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Battlestar Galactica - There is another Sky

Epsiode Synopsis

Tamara Adama is lost in the virtual Caprica City and goes to visit a woman called Vesta who maybe able to help her with her situation. Vesta is dismissive of her and Tamara leaves the place with a Heracles, a young man her age. Heracles introduces Tamara to the virtual underworld. Tamara's character cannot die and so Heracles uses her to steal the identity of a big underworld figure.

Together, Tamara and Heracles undertake a bank robbery. When they return, Vesta reveals that Tamara is actually dead which is why she can't leave the virtual world. Tamara takes her revenge on Vesta by shooting and releasing her virtual companions. Tamara gets Heracles to visit her father. When Heracles visits Joseph Adama, he gets cold feet and runs away which Joseph is unable to keep up with.

Moves are afoot to remove Daniel Graystone as head of the company. A board meeting is called but Daniel astounds the board by saying holodesks are dead, the new world is Cylons. He introduces to everyone the Cylon which contains his daughter Zoe Graystone to the board. After the board, there is a meeting and Daniel gets to keep his role as head of the company.

Joseph tries to bond with his son William Adama by taking him fishing but it does work. Willie is too much in the trall of looking up to his uncle Sam Adama.

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Associated Characters

Aaron DoralAaron KellyAdmiral Helena CainAlex QuartararoAmanda Graystone
Barnabas GreeleyBecca KellyBen StarkBilly KeikeyaBoxey
Brendan 'Hotdog' ConstanzaBrother John CavilCally ( Battlestar )Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo )Capt. Troy
CassiopeiaCoker FasjovikColonel Jack FiskColonel Saul TighCpl. Galen Tyrol
D'anna BiersDr. CottleDr. Gaius BaltarEllen TighHera Agathon
Jordan DuramLacy RandLeoben ConoyLt. AthenaLt. Dillon
Lt. Felix GaetaLt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck )Lt. Karl Agathon ( Helo )Lt. Louanne 'Kat' KatraineLt. Margaret `Racetrack` Edmondson
Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer )LuciferMotherNumber SixPetty Officer Anastasia Dualla
President Laura RoslinPriestess EloshaRomo LampkinSamuel AndersSerina
Shannon AdamaShebaSimon O'NeillSister Clarice WillowTom Zarek
Tomas VergisTory FosterZak Adama  

Associated Planets


Associated Aliens


Associated Spaceships

BattlestarCloud 9Colonial RaptorColonial ViperCylon Basestar
Cylon FighterResurrection Ship   

Associated Films

Battlestar GalacticaBattlestar Galactica IIBlood and Chrome
RazorThe Plan 

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