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Chaos and the Stillness of It - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt tasks Rebekah Valentine, Rommie and Doyle to search for Seamus Harper whilst he and Telemachus Rhade deal with the Trance Gemini and her strange behaviour. They receive a broadcast from Burma who has Harper but Dylan does not seem to care about his captured comrade. Dylan and Telemachus return to Methus-2, a massive ball shaped space station. That is where Trance was last acting normal. Harper is forced to help Burma and his men get on board the Andromeda Ascendant to destroy it. Methus-2 is burning up as it is close to the Vedran star.

Seamus Harper is able to sneak Burma and his men onboard the Andromeda without being caught. Rommie and Doyle bicker over absolutely everything whilst they deal with the intruders that they've discovered onboard. Harper had disabled the ships sensors resulting in the robots discovering the intruders by accident. The women bar Trance have a number of skirmishes as they both try find Harper and who is behind the incident. They find him in the end inside a compartment of the ship. Dylan and Telemachus are near to ending their search when Dylan starts firing at the walls. Trance Gemini appears then disappears so fires again and frees her. She transports the three of them back on the Maru and then return to the Andromeda. There all the crew members confront Burma after he has fought and won against Beka. Once Burma is killed through the combined efforts of the crew, Trance confronts her alter-ego who after a fight, leaves. The Vedran sun stops growing as Seefra-1 is to be the next destroyed.

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