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Battlestar Galactica - Collaborators

Epsiode Synopsis

The fleet is now back together and is moving away from New Caprica, in search of the thirteenth colony known as Earth. Dr. Gaius Baltar wakes up naked on board a Cylon Basestar where he manages to find a towel but is prevented from leaving the room by a Cylon Centurion blocking his path. He is met by a D'anna Briers clone who tells him his fate is being decided by the models and that his fate is being decided by Number Six clones.

A group of those who were part of the resistance fighters on the planet (including Col. Saul Tigh, Cpl. Tyrol and Samuel Anders are deciding the fates of collaborators and throwing them out of the airlock. Sam is party to one execution but when he is called upon to decide the fate of others, he decides to withdraw.

Lt. Felix Gaeta returns to active duty and is met with hostility because he seemingly collaborated with the Cylons. In the mess hall, Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) confronts Felix about his role where Felix reveals it was him who was revealing secrets to the insurgents before he storms out.

Starbuck is invited to take part in the council who decides the fate of the collaborators, much to the displeasure of Sam but before Sam pulls her out of the meeting, she gets to cast her vote.

President Laura Roslin and Tom Zarek decide on who should be the President with Tom allowing Laura to become president and then she is sworn in.

Felix is grabbed when he's not expecting it and taken to the airlock where his trial is going to be held. When Felix is found guilty, Felix doesn't respond even under pressure from Kara to do so. When Kara reveals that it was Felix who was revealing secrets to Tyrol, Tyrol duly cuts the bonds holding Felix and lets him leave.

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