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Star Trek - Voyager - Concerning Flight

Epsiode Synopsis

Captain Kathryn Janeway is doing a little relaxation in the Holodeck spending time with Leonardo da Vinci whose flying machine is a failure when the USS Voyager comes under attack from a group of space pirates who are able to penetrate Voyagers shields. The pirates escape with gadgets from Voyager.

The pirates are tracked to a nearby team where two teams are despatched A-Team (Tom Paris and Neelix) and B-Team (Tuvok and Janeway) to the surface dressed as civillians. Janeway is surprised to see that she meets Leonardo da Vinci on the planet. Leonardo believes he has been kidnapped by a Spanish raiding group.

Tuvox returns to Voyager with information whilst Janeway has a new partner in the form of da Vinci. Leonardo takes Janeway to where the pirates are holed up. She manages to break into the base, take what she came for and then escapes with da VInci in one of da Vinci's flight machines which works this time. Voyager is able to beam Janeway back up to the craft and the craft then leaves the zone for a new adventure somewhere else.

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