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Coup By Clam - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

After giving Doctor Tumii a lift to the planet of Khurtanen, he repays them by poisoning them with Molluscs. Both Chiana and Scorpius are unaffected by the poisons as neither of them had them for dinner. The only way they can cure themselves is by using an antidote that he can provide for a small fee. They had gone to the planet to get a vital part for Moya and leave. Chiana watched over a man fix the new part to the equipment whilst Aeryn, John Crichton and D'argo pay a visit to the Doctor. He tells them he can only fix those people who eat the purple mollusc which was Captain Ka Dargo and Utu-Noranti Pralatong so with the cure D'argo returns to the ship for the cure to take hold. Whilst they wait for the antidote ingredients to arrive, the Doctor is shot by a right protestor. Its apparent that women on the planet are oppressed unlike their males. As the Doctor is injured, he can't get the antidote ingredients so Aeryn Sun and Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu go to find them. However the two women are captured by the freedom fighters and have to endure both the disease and their capture. Rygel comes up with a plan and dresses up him and John up as women to get both the ingredients and their friends. Whilst John has to endure an amorous male, Rygel has better luck then goes back to the doctor to ensure he doesn't run away and leave them. Onboard Moya, Chiana discovers that the man who was fitting the part is actually a female but lets her proceed. Scorpius eats some of the molluscs to help ease the pain of the other team members which successful. This enables the women members to regain their strength and escape with the help of diversionary tactics by John. The Doctor makes the cure and they return to the ship.

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