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Farscape - Crackers Dont Matter

Epsiode Synopsis

The Farscape module is fitted with an invisibility shield by Traltixx, a blind alien who uses sensors as opposed to sight to move round. The crew start to act strangely, slowly at first then they believe everyone else is out to get them. John Crichton give a nod to 'Here's Jonny'. from THE SHINNING. Aeryn Sun pairs up Dominar Rygel XVI threatening to kill him if he doesn't obey. Traltixx manages to trick Pilot into siding with him, reducing the life-support functions for the rest of the crew in order for him to get a powerful light room D'argo pairs up with Chiana. John and Pau Zotoh Zhaan are on their own. John is the first to realise what is going on and tries to persuade people to believe him but it doesn't go to plan. The others are very sceptical of him. The only way out of the situation he sees is to capture the crew then tie them up for theirs and everyone else's safety. Once he ties them up, he explains the position which they believe in the end. Traltixx is setting up a light room in Pilots chamber so John dresses up in protective wear to confront him. John is given a face mask, regurgitated from Zhaan, Captain Ka Dargo's sword, a shield and the invisibility suit that Traltixx had given them. He moves slowly around Traltixxs base before attacking and killing him.

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